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William Driscoll is an accomplished systems analyst and experienced appeals lawyer. This unique combination of skills provides an excellent foundation for his chosen fields of practice.

Appellate practice requires highly disciplined legal research, analysis, written and oral presentation skills. Attorney Driscoll has designed his law practice to accommodate the large blocks of time required to provide comprehensive, high-quality appellate and litigation-support services.

Attorney Driscoll's cyber security & privacy practice provides the important link missing from other providers. He possesses the technical background to both analyze electronic systems and networks and to effectively communicate with IT staff. He also possesses the legal background to address the enterprise risk management framework.

Massachusetts Appeals Attorney

Massachusetts Appeals

An appeal is a request for a higher court to review a lower court's decision. Appellate courts run under special, rigid rules and procedures. It is critical to have well researched, written, and presented legal argument.

Attorney William Driscoll focuses his litigation work on a broad range of Massachusetts appeals. The stakes are much higher on appeal, and the deadlines are critical.

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Cyber Security & Privacy Law

Privacy & Cyber Security

Cyber attacks and data breaches are on the rise. The media attention is harming businesses and undermining consumer confidence. Organized, smart, stealthy criminals seek to steal intelligence and capital.

Attorney William Driscoll provides a rare skill set. He is a lawyer with award winning software development accomplishments in the field of electronic warfare, forensics, cyber-terrorism, and premises security.

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