Algorithms are instructions used for solving a problem of complex tasking. Artificial intelligence (AI) and other algorithm-based products seek to alleviate the "work" required to perform a task. Examples include GPS mapping, predictive modeling (e.g., online searching, recommendation, and presentation), "self-driving" vehicles, robotics, and sensors (e.g., breathalyzer). Algorithms control the world today. But are your algorithms "safe"?

Attorney Driscoll possesses the rare combination of professional and educational expertise (legal, engineering, and algorithmic) to create, analyze, defend, and challenge algorithm-based tools. The consequences for reliance on algorithms, without evaluating the formulas or the underlying data, are very real.

A trial is not always the end of a case. One or both parties may want to appeal part or all of the trial verdict. Some aspects of the litigation proceedings may have lead the jury or the court to make the wrong decision. The process of asking a higher court to review a decision made by a lower court is called an appeal. Attorneys with specific expertise in helping clients pursue or defend an appeal are called appellate attorneys.

Attorney Driscoll is an experience appellate attorney who focuses on cases before the Massachusetts appellate courts, the Appeals Court and Supreme Judicial Court (SJC). He has also pursued justice to the Supreme Court of the United States. Appeals are very time time sensitive and demand an absolute attention to detail.