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William Driscoll offers specific services to address the exact needs of his clients. He takes the time to talk, to understand the situation, and to explain how he can help. His research, analysis, and presentation skills are derived from his two accomplished professional backgrounds, technology and the law.

Massachusetts Appeals Attorney

Massachusetts Appeals

The practice of appellate law is unlike anything seen in the trial court. That is why you need the advice and expertise of an experienced appeals lawyer when you seek to appeal or defend a trial court decision.

An appeal can be described as a technical review of what happened in the trial court, not a second chance at retrying the case. The rules and procedures on appeal are hyper-technical and mistakes can destroy your case.

The level of professional analysis and writing must satisfy the panel of judges who will decide the appeal. While any lawyer can "do an appeal," you are wise to hire an experience appeals attorney.

Attorney Driscoll is an experienced appeals lawyer who has litigated a broad range of legal issues before the Massachusetts appellate court. He has a particular interest in business & commercial and probate and family court appeals.

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Cyber Security & Privacy Law

Privacy & Technology Law

Privacy and technology law requires a lawyer who understands the interrelation between business, technology, and the law. In the end, the enterprise risk management framework must not cripple the business objectives.

Whether your business designs and develops products, incorporates technology, or deals with protected information, there are a myriad of State and federal privacy laws and regulations to be addressed. This is particularly true in the age of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Inadequate planning, policies and procedures breed costly liability. Organized, smart, stealthy criminals steal intelligence and capital. Negative media attention harms business and undermines consumer confidence.

Attorney William Driscoll provides a rare combination of expertise. He is a lawyer. He is also an award winning software developer in the field of electronic warfare, forensics, cyber-terrorism, and premises security.

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