Algorithms Control Our Lives

Algorithms provide the artificial intelligence necessary for the machines to control our lives. But algorithms, like their creators, are only "human" with inherent faults and biases. There are now two sets in the population, those who have been harmed and those who will fall victim to the imperfection of algorithms and the inevitable cybercrime.

Decision-driven algorithms have invaded all aspects of society, including Internet search engines, consumer finance, employment, housing, healthcare, predictive policing and criminal sentencing. Securing the integrity of electronic systems and solutions cannot be guaranteed. Any security can be defeated with enough time, money, and motivation.

Before practicing law, Attorney William Driscoll achieved award-winning notoriety in the field of cyber security operational research and development. He created zero-tolerance solutions to complex real-time electronic system and communication problems. His expertise included electronic device internals analysis, design, software development, and implementation. Topics included covert communication, communications protocol analysis, cryptography, intrusion detection and obfuscation.