Massachusetts Civil Appeals Attorney

Attorney William Driscoll provides a broad spectrum of appellate services. He represents appellate clients on both sides of the aisle in many civil practice areas. For example: business and commercial disputes; civil rights actions; divorce and family law; personal injury and professional malpractice; probate, estate, and trust law; land use and zoning.

Massachusetts Civil Interlocutory Appeal Attorney

Civil Interlocutory Appeal

An interlocutory appeal provides the rare exception to the rule that an appeal must wait until after a final resolution. Generally speaking, an interlocutory appeal requires an interim trial court decision that decides the outcome of the case before trial. The appellate rules and procedures are precise and unforgiving. The deadline for filing is short. Do not unknowing waive your opportunity to file an interlocutory appeal by waiting too long.

Massachusetts Civil Direct Appeal Attorney

Civil Direct Appeal

A direct appeal challenges some aspect of the case in the trial court by way of an appeal to the appellate court. The rules and procedures in the appellate court are drastically different from those of the trial court. Obtain an assessment from an attorney who focuses on appellate litigation. Remember that your appellate rights expire. The longer you wait, the more likely you will forever waive your right to appeal.

Appellate success is dependent on a number of factors. Those factors in your control are meticulous legal research, sophisticated legal analysis, and the effective presentation of persuasive written and oral legal arguments. By choosing Attorney Driscoll you gain a proven appellate-level lawyer who personally handles every case. The right to appeal has a definite expiration date. Call Appellate Attorney William Driscoll (978-846-5184) before it is too late!