Collateral Criminal Appeals in Massachusetts

"Collateral relief" is a broad topic. Often the relief sought is to either withdraw a guilty plea or challenge a conviction after direct appellate rights have been exhausted. Alternatively, relief can be pursuing habeas corpus relief in the federal court system.

Attorney William Driscoll is passionate about protecting the individual rights of convicted individuals. He represents individuals seeking collateral relief from any crime or combination of crimes.

Attorney Driscoll is ready, willing, and able to pursue collateral criminal relief in Massachusetts state and appellate courts, in the federal court for habeas corpus relief, and, if necessary, in the Supreme Court of the United States.

The Commonwealth is a very worthy adversary, but overturning a verdict is possible. Experienced appellate counsel understands how appellate judges think. Only expertly crafted legal arguments and crisp oral presentations are capable of swaying appellate judges.

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Massachusetts Criminal Appeal Attorney