Nashua Divorce & Post-Divorce Attorney

Serving Hillsborough County, New Hampshire

How will your divorce affect your future? I explain the law in plain-English. I can provide you with real choices and direction. I help by providing perspective and realistic advice to address your goals. I prepare you for what lies ahead.

One issue faced in every divorce is the "equitable" division of personal property, real estate, assets and debts. I investigate and provide seasoned advice concerning the key issue of asset and debt division during divorce.

Nashua, NH Divorce Attorney
Nashua, NH Divorce Attorney

I am focused on your best interests. I will approach your case with compassion and understanding, while fighting to get the outcome you deserve. Don’t even think about agreeing to a settlement until we have a chance to outline exactly where you stand, what you stand to lose and what you stand to gain.

Divorce estates may be modest, moderate or extensive. I investigate, analyze, and opine on all types of assets and debts. For example:

  • Personal property, such as goods, furnishings, pets and other animal
  • Vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, boats, aircraft, snow mobiles and jet skis
  • Bank accounts and other holdings, domestic and international
  • Credit cards, including balances and accumulated points and airline miles
  • Stocks and other investments
  • Real estate, including residential, commercial, investment, and timeshare
  • Retirement assets, such as pensions and 401(k) and IRA accounts
  • Taxes, such as carryover tax losses, tax credits, expectancies and past due amounts
  • High valued property, such as jewelry, collections, antiques, artwork, and tools
  • Inheritance and trusts, actual and expectancy
  • Insurance policies
  • Deferred compensation such as a bonus that accrues over time or stock options
  • Debt repayment on a loan
  • Intellectual property, such as patents, copyrights, and trademarks
  • Business interests

No two marriages or divorces are the same. There may also be one or more other important issues to be addressed and resolved. The most common issues are:

A divorce results in the termination of marriage. We can get through this together. Attorney Driscoll handles originally filed actions, modification of existing court Orders, contempt of court Orders, and the appeal of judgments. He explains the law in plain-English. He provides real choices and realistic advice to address your goals, all the while focusing on your best interests.

Attorney Driscoll explains the law in plain-English. He can prepare you for what lies ahead. In a fog of chaos, I can work with you to develop your goals and provide you with choices and direction. Call (603) 589-4040 for a private consultation. His handicapped accessible office is conveniently located at 20 Trafalgar Square in Nashua, NH. My office is quickly accessible from Amherst Street (Route 101A) as well as Exits 7W and 8 off the Everett Turnpike.