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What is Domestic Violence?

The issue of a domestic violence restraining order arises when a person is abused by one with whom they share a close bond. That bond generally includes a current or former family or household member or an intimate partner. The legal definition of abuse is broad. The legal definition for the qualifying relationship is broader than most people think.

What is Stalking?

The issue of a stalking restraining order arises when a person purposefully, knowingly, or recklessly engages in a course of conduct of at least two incidents that target a specific person. That conduct must cause a reasonable person to fear for their personal safety or the safety of a member of that person's immediate family.

The issue of a stalking restraining order also arises when one violates the terms of a protective order. The definition of a qualifying protective order is broad under the law.

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Domestic Violence and Stalking Are Serious Matters

The issues of domestic violence and stalking are very serious matters for the court. No one should tolerate abuse or live in fear. There is a clear and present danger where escalating conduct is present. In fact, it may be a matter of life and death.

The alleged abuser or stalker faces serious collateral consequences, as well as the loss of personal rights. A violation of a stalking or domestic violence protective order is a criminal offense. This is why the law requires due process, an opportunity for both sides to be heard before the court issues a final decision.

Massachusetts has comparable protective orders. The New Hampshire domestic protective order is a 209A restraining order in Massachusetts. The New Hampshire stalking protective order is akin to a 258E harassment prevention restraining order in Massachusetts.

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