Massachusetts Post Conviction and Criminal Appeals Attorney

Attorney William Driscoll is a seasoned and tenacious litigator who, before practicing law, achieved federal government distinction in the fields of electronic warfare, forensics, and cyber security. He applies to his law practice the keen, tenacious problem-solving acuity developed during his high-tech career. Attorney Driscoll represents clients statewide and, at times, nationwide who require experienced appellate counsel.

Criminal Interlocutory Appeals.   An interlocutory appeal challenges a provisional trial court decision, such as a motion to suppress evidence, before the case resolved in the trial court. No right to interlocutory appeal exists, permission is granted by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court before an interlocutory appeal is accepted.

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Criminal Direct Appeals.   Every defendant has the right to appeal their criminal conviction. Any aspect of the case may be challenged on direct appeal, from initial police investigation through conviction. It all starts by filing of a notice of appeal in the trial court.

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Other Post Conviction Challenges.   Hope is not lost after exhausting direct appellate review in the Massachusetts appellate courts or the Supreme Court of the United States. There are several avenues for collateral relief whether that be seeking to withdraw a guilty plea, seeking a new trial, or seeking other relief.

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