Attorney William Driscoll offers a specialized appellate law practice serving clients statewide, and at times nationwide. Appellate advocacy is a distinct and specialized area of practice which draws upon talents and skills far different from trial skills. Above all, appellate-level work requires meticulous legal research, analysis, and persuasive writing.

Massachusetts Direct Criminal Appeal Attorney

Direct Criminal Appeals.   Attorney Driscoll litigates interlocutory appeals of pretrial decisions, such as a motion to suppress, and direct appeals from convictions. If necessary, he can seek petition for federal habeas corpus or certiorari in the Supreme Court of the United States.

About Direct Criminal Appeals

Massachusetts Collateral Criminal Appeal Attorney

Collateral Criminal Appeals.   Attorney Driscoll seeks to withdraw guilty pleas and overturn convictions after appellate rights have been exhausted. The primary tool is a motion for a new trial that allows consideration of new evidence, and if necessary, direct appeal.

About Collateral Criminal Appeals

Massachusetts Civil Appeal Attorney

Civil Appeals.   Civil law encompasses the very broad category of legal disputes that are not criminal prosecutions. Attorney Driscoll litigates interlocutory appeals of pre-judgment decisions (such as injunctions or temporary orders) and direct appeals from final judgments.

About Civil Appeals

US Supreme Court Cert Petition Attorney

Cert Petitions.   The Supreme Court of the United States is our nation's court of last resort. A petition for certiorari is the vehicle for getting a case to the U.S. Supreme Court. Attorney Driscoll reviews cases for "cert worthiness" and, if viable, applies for certiorari.

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Success is dependent on a number of factors. Those factors in your control are meticulous legal research, sophisticated legal analysis, and the effective presentation of persuasive written and oral legal arguments. By choosing Attorney Driscoll you gain a proven appellate-level lawyer who personally handles every case. The right to appeal has a definite expiration date. Call Appellate Attorney William Driscoll (978-846-5184) before it is too late!