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Attorney William Driscoll is a seasoned and tenacious litigator who, before practicing law, achieved federal government distinction in the fields of electronic warfare, forensics, and cyber security. He applies to his law practice the keen, tenacious problem-solving acuity developed during his high-tech career.

Appellate Law

Appellate Law Services.   Attorney Driscoll represents clients statewide, and sometimes nationwide, who require experienced appellate counsel in the Massachusetts appellate courts. When appropriate, he seeks certiorari in the U.S. Supreme Court. He also authors amicus briefs nationwide when cyber law related issues arise.

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Cyber Law

Cyber Law Services.   Attorney Driscoll merges proven high-tech expertise with litigation experience to offer a broad range of cyber law services across a broad spectrum of the law. A few of his persistent interests include algorithms, blockchain applications, and cybersecurity. He offers his cyber services nationwide.

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Consulting Services

Consultant Services.   Attorney Driscoll welcomes opportunities to collaborate on appellate and cyber issues. Some of his offerings include technical and legal research and writing, co-counsel representation, discovery analysis, appellate issue identification and preservation, algorithm and mathematical problem-solving.

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